Breakfast with 1+1

"Breakfast with 1+1" is two-hour broadcast with a maximum of interesting, useful and entertaining information which could be a nice ritual and good morning performance for our audience.

Everyone wants to have a wonderful morning. Two pairs of program presenters will be in the new season. Anatoly Anatolich with Maryna Leonchuk and Ruslan Senichkin with Ludmyla Barbir will guarantee to us the glorious time. This morning show consists of modern music, review on Ukrainian and foreign show-business news and interviews with guests. All parts of the program add some picturesque points to our monotonous life.

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  • Grzegorz - Polska 11 декабря, 10:55
    Pozdrowienia z Polski. Oglądam wasz program śniadaniowy jest dużo ciekawszy niż nasz krajowy. Macie piękną prowadzącą :) Ps. Unia Europejska to nie jest raj na ziemi tu jest sama biurokracja.