For three generations, the Kozcuoğlu family owns a big plantation in Antakya. Keeping this farm is their foremost goal. The owner, Ihsan Kozcuoğlu and his daughter, Asi, work and live for their land. Demir returns to his hometown as a rich businessman. He meets Asi and falls in love with her. However, the lives of the Kozcuoglu and Dogan families bear more connections from the past that constantly seem to get in between.

Directed by Cevdet Mercan. Cast: Тuba Buyukustun, Мurat Yildirim, Cetin Tekindor, Nur Surer, Selma Ergec, Cemal Hunal, Тulay Gunal, Тulay Bursa, Аslihan Guner, Necmettin Cobanoglu.

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