TV series tells about the war between humans and vampires.
She is very shy, 16-years-old girl, who only recently knew about her exceptional nature. He is a very handsome, 428-years-old vampire, who has the mission in the world of people. They can not exist without each other; however, they can not be together…
Film makers: Vlad Lanne, Borys Birman, Коstyantyn Murzenko.
Cast: Khrystyna Brodska, Аrtem Krylov, Іhor Mirkurbanov, Маria Аkhmetzyanova, Dmytro Panfilov, Маria Antonovа, Маksym Salnykov, Аndriy Pavlovets, Volodymyr Markov, Іllya Shydlovsky.

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