It's a story about two different women from different worlds with absolutely different social status – Dominika Nikityna, a young succesfull business lady, and Margaryta Kalashnikova, a market saleswoman.
Once an unforeseen contingency draws them together: pregnant Dominika gets seriously injured in a car accident, and she has a very rare blood group, and only Ryta can become a blood-donor for Dominika. From the moment the two women share the blood, their lives become connected, and this contact helps both of them to make a lot of discoveries in their lives. Filmmaker: Valeriy Rozhko. Script-writer: Маryna Mednikova. Cast: Мaria Kulykova, Serhiy Astakhov, Natalya Lesnikovska, Маryna Yakovleva, Оlena Koreneva, Yeva Aveeva, Serhiy Kolesnykov, Іhor Pysmenny, Маksym Raduhin, Аndriy Tashkov, Мykola Dobrynin, Аntonina Venedyktova, Аnzhelika Volska, Shukhrat Irhashev, Viktor Saraykin, Lesia Samayeva, Vyacheslav Vasyluk, Nina Nizheradze, Natalya Khudyakova.

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