Yuriy Horbunov

"Very Delicious"

2006-present — program presenter on "Breakfast+", "Dances with Stars", "Star+Star", "Superstar", "Ukraine Speaks and Shows", "Ukrainian Beauty", "I Love Ukraine", "Popstar to Operastar", "The Great Bake Off" and "Very Delicious",  (TV Broadcasting Company "1+1").

He was born in 1970 (city Novy Rozdol, Lviv Region).

Graduated from
Karpenko-KaryInstitute of Theatre, Film and TV (Kyiv).

1992-1997 — Drama Theatre (Ivano-Frankivsk).

-1998 — producer in club "Hollywood" and program presenter on "Three Points" and "Happy Call" (TV Broadcasting Company "UT-1").

-2006 — program presenter on "Wake Up", "Ready for Everything", "One for All" and "You Are in the Army Now" (TV Broadcasting Company "Novy kanal").